Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving, Today we give thanks for our dogs!

Happy Thanksgiving!  It’s a safe bet that any dog owner/lover when asked what they are most thankful for, their dog is either #1, or at the very top of the list!  And likewise, if asked, our dogs would list us as #1, with treats, squirrels and the satisfaction of keeping the mailman at bay, close behind.

Today as we give thanks for the many blessings in our lives, Stephanie Pauley shares her family’s story of finding Stika – or more correctly, Stika and the Pauleys finding each other!

Stephanie, thank you for sharing this beautiful story and for touching our hearts!

Stika's Story
In 2009 we adopted/rescued our first Aussie and approximately 2 years later we decided that, like potato chips, 1 Aussie is never enough. Our search began and ended on Petfinder when we found this ad:

Hello there. My name is Sir Irwin. My foster Mom rescued me from a high kill shelter in Kentucky. I had chewed threw my rope that had me tethered to a tree. Needless to say, my owners were not concerned enough to come looking for me, so now I am a "rescue dog". I like being a rescue dog, it means I get to sleep indoors instead of outside, on the couch instead of a muddy, dirty yard and I get all the food, water and treats one could imagine. Yep, I have it good now! 

My foster Mom named me Sir Irwin, after the late Steve Irwin. I guess because I am an Australian shepherd, this is the best she could come up with. AND no, I do not have an accent when I bark. LOL.


Our interest most especially on high alert, we made an inquiry into this beautiful boy. Luckily, we don’t live far from where he was being kept and our application for adoption was approved.


The very first meeting with Sitka Erwin, and yes each of our boys have middle names, he was frightened and shaking. He hid behind the workers leg as if we would hurt him, but that quickly changed. I slowly lowered myself down to his level, took his sweet mussel gently into my hand, and gently blew into his nose. As I did so, his wiggly Aussie nubbin’ swung around until he was snuggled firmly against my leg. I would like to say that all went well from the start but that was not to be. Sitka had a few challenges to overcome like worms, learning a new name, and potty training. Thankfully he is one smart Aussie, but aren’t they all. The worms were cleared up, he learned his new name and although it’s spelled differently keeping Erwin as his middle name helped tremendously, and going from an outside puppy to an inside puppy didn’t take long.


Over the last 4 years, Sitka has learned many tricks like: sit, down, rollover, stay, shake with left paw, high five with right paw, and is working on learning to play dead as well as taking a requested item to a specific person. Along with his tricks his most favorite thing to do is play ball.


Our family has grown to include a little brother to complete the Brother Bear trio of Kenai, Sitka, and Denahi. He is wonderful with his brothers, and he loves our grandson so much that he whines with excitement when he knows he's coming. 


He still doesn't realize that he's not supposed to be a lap dog and will spend as much time snuggling with us as possible. He's such a snuggler that I my husband or I take a nap on the couch he naps on the couch with us. Heaven help us, or should I say me, when my husband and I both nap on the couch because he will lie on top of me.


Finally, some of his many wonderful qualities would have to include the fact that he must be part Wookie, when he’s happy not only does his butt wiggle but his entire backside wiggles so much that he literally bends himself into a U-shape.


While we do not wish harm to any of our babies, we have already discussed becoming a foster family when our boys go to heaven to wait for us. We know that it will be not only the hardest thing we will ever do, but will be the most rewarding/selfless thing we could imagine. A HUGE wonderful thank you for all that the rescue groups do.
The Pauley’s:  Stephanie, Clint, Kenai Junie, Sitka Erwin, and Denahi Eugene


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Sunday, October 26, 2014

We Herd, We Liked It, We Went Again........

Last March a member of our Aussie meetup organized a “barkday” party for her dog at a sheep farm.  Around a dozen of us attended and loved it.

Several weeks ago I noticed a post on a friend’s facebook page announcing a “Herding Fun Day” at a farm in Virginia.  What could be more fun?  Another outing with Aussies and sheep!

I quickly organized an Aussie meetup around it.  Soon, nearly a dozen Aussie owners from the DC area were making the 1.5 hour trek to Goldvein, Virginia and Dawgwood Farm's Herding Fun Day.

It was a sparkling Saturday – perfect for a day in the country, or herding sheep.  Wink Mason and Judy Moran were our hosts at Dawgwood Farm.
Judy was thinking ahead when she organized the “play area” for our hyped up dogs.  An enormous fenced in field greeted them upon arrival – it’s where they could run and play while the sheep were readied.

Pre-herding playtime
         At this outing, Boomer was the only herding veteran in the group and the moment he saw the sheep – he was ready!

Wink took each owner and dog into the ring with three “volunteer” sheep.  Dawgwood Farms only raises wool sheep, but these guys looked like they give themselves up to the highest bidder in a second!

The instruction was as much for the owner as it was for the dog.  Wink shared that the goal was to have the dog watch the sheep, but “keep an ear” to the owner’s voice.  He also gave instruction on how to utilize the tether – short firm (but gentle) tugs to let the dog know not to charge the sheep.

Wink provides instruction, Kirk listens, Boomer waits
Boomer, our veteran herder, received plenty of tugs – he was eager to make contact with the sheep, and seemed to genuinely enjoy the activity.  Wink said Boomer had good eye contact and his herding style was gathering – who knew?!

Mosbey and Tucker wait their turn
On this outing we had a number of young dogs – those under a year.  And once again, our Aussies proved to be naturals!  They were evaluated on their style -  driving or gathering; eye contact – loose, medium or strong; temperament – readily adjusts to distracted and nervous; interest – sustained and keen to some or none; and power – sufficient, forceful, excessive or a lack of power.  At the end of each evaluation Wink provided comments about the dog.  On Boomer’s he wrote, Very nice dog. J  Owners luckily were not evaluated, although, I am sure that Wink would comment that all owners were very nice and showed promise!
Sinbad was a natural

There is something very satisfying to watch your dog perform the task he was bred to do.  Our dogs are incredible athletes and VERY smart!  And while the majority of their activity takes place in urban areas, their instincts take over the moment they are placed in their “natural” environment.
Following several sheep filled hours, Kirk and I took the dogs to find some lunch.  With some good fortune and help of an iphone, we happened upon a lovely spot in Remington, Virginia at Kelly’s Ford and had lunch on the patio of  the Inn at Kelly's Ford

Kelly’s Ford was the site of a major civil war battle.  Today its home to the Inn at Kelly's Ford and the Kelly’s Ford Equestrian Center.

It was a wonderful day in the Virginia countryside.  Driving home, I am sure that at least one of our dogs fell asleep counting sheep.

Thanks to Wink and Judy for a wonderful outing, we are ready for the next one!


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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Juno Discovers Buffalo

Moving to a new city, is always and adventure, but that adventure is more fun with a dog! 
MJ, her husband Chris and dog Juno, recently made the move from Alexandria, VA to Buffalo, NY.  Juno has helped MJ and Chris discover many dog friendly stops!

Summer has now faded into fall, but that doesn't mean that we have ceased exploring our new neighborhood in Buffalo, NY with our dog, Juno.

The blocks are long near our house, so the shortest walk is still at least 20 minutes, but even then, we are walking briskly and not sniffing every tree! 

When we are not simply enjoying our morning and evening constitutionals, though, there are places to go and things to see with our furry friend by our side.

One of Juno's favorite things to do when we lived in Del Ray was to go to Art on the Avenue, a yearly street festival dedicated to local and national artisans. She always loved walking down the middle of the road where she could see everything on both sides of the street, especially before the festival got under way. 

Well, of course Buffalo has their own versions of these festivals. The Allentown Art Festival ( and the Elmwood Festival of the Arts ( occur each year in July and August respectively. We moved in after the Allentown Festival this year, but we were able to enjoy the sights and sounds of the Elmwood Festival! Juno enjoyed checking out the booths and listening to live music.

We always have to fuel our early morning walks with some caffeinated beverages, so we have found a few coffee shops that accommodate dogs.
Spot Coffee ( has several locations around the Buffalo area, and the Elmwood Avenue location features a large outdoor patio where pups can enjoy a drink of water while their humans have some coffee.

Cafe 59 in Prospect Hill ( recently opened on Porter Avenue and has a cute little patio area outside for dining. They serve their canine patrons homemade dinosaur-shaped cookies which Juno found delicious.

Allentown also has its own unique dog-friendly coffee shop in Cafe Taza ( This tiny shop has bar seating for maybe eight people, standing room for just a few more, but also allows dogs to come into the shop with their humans and enjoy a biscuit or two while they wait. We know that this will be a favorite of ours on the blustery days to come, although the lack of space means that other people and dogs will be vying for the same space!

We couldn't be more thrilled with our new neighborhood and its dog-friendly atmosphere. Just like in Del Ray, neighbors put out water bowls for their four-legged friends, and nearly everyone is willing to offer a friendly pat on the head or a belly rub. What more could a dog want?
"The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new." -- Socrates
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Sunday, August 10, 2014

The Aussie Meetup


Boomer, my little tank
“Don’t roll the Pug down the hill!”  It was that frequent refrain that lead me to create a “play group” for our Australian Shepherd, Boomer.

Boomer is a tank.  He’s an adorable and loving tank.  He LOVES to run and he’s a “ruff” and tumble dog park player.  Unfortunately, not every dog or owner appreciates his antics.  Let me be clear, he is not aggressive and he has a very good read of other dogs – he knows when to stop, but that’s often after he inadvertently t-bones a dog or owner.

Aussie butts at an early meetup
Just over three years ago, I decided what Boomer needed was a group of Aussies to play with – dogs (and owners) that had probably experienced the dog-park scowl. 

On a whim one January afternoon, I created Australian Shepherds of the DMV on – the description was pretty straight forward – a group interested in Australian Shepherds and their activities. Let's get our Aussies together for play dates, hikes, swims, agility, walks and runs and some sheep herding! Let's also support Aussie rescue activities.

I remember when the first “members” joined.  I was so excited!  We scheduled a walk through Old Town, Alexandria, VA.  It was great talking to other Aussie owners, who like me, love the breed and the endearing characteristics of our dogs.

Riley got his sheep together!

Today we have over 300 members from Virginia, Maryland and Washington, DC.  Our outings range from a casual meetup at a local dog park, to hikes and one of our greatest adventures – sheep herding!

The meetup is designed to allow any member to schedule or suggest an outing.  The sheep herding adventure was done by one of our members, and a regular agility outing at the Zoom Room is hosted by another.
Boomer loves his meetup pals.  The dogs (and owners) are comfortable with each other, and play comes easily.  If Boomer and his “girlfriend” Cassie are together – watch out, because those two will definitely get the party started.  Jack will likely race around with them and Roxy will soon join in.  Sweet Zoe (a mini) watches the big dogs run, but is likely to also engage.  Rain and Obbie are swimmers and Faith is a master at agility.  We typically see Cash and Keller when we have events in Maryland.  Riley is the born sheep herder!

Aussie mosh-pit at the Zoom Room

Our dogs have gone swimming, toured Mount Vernon, hiked along the Potomac, practiced their agility both indoors and outdoors and raced alongside llamas.


Barrel Oak Winery in Delaplane, Virginia

Indoors at Mount Vernon
Other events include winetasting, an agility yappy hour (beverages for humans) and a boat cruise down the Potomac (Yup!  We have a boat cruise for dogs in Alexandria).

I was asked once if it takes a lot of time to organize the meetups.  Not really.  Members make suggestions and we have as much fun at one of the larger dog parks as we do at an organized outing – although I will say the dogs were EXHAUSTED after their sheep herding adventure.  And it’s always more fun trying something new with your friends!  I pay a fee to host the meetup site – which is worth every penny based on how much fun the dogs have.

Llamas (and a horse)
While members do come to us via, membership is primarily viral.  Members run into an Aussie and owner and tell them about our group.  As I say to every new member in my welcome message to them– it’s great bunch of dogs and people!
You can find Australian Shepherds of the DMV on, we also have a Facebook page -- if you're in the Washington, DC area -- come and join our fun!
You can read more about out sheep herding adventures here
Cassie and Boomer
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Friday, August 8, 2014

Leash in Hand, Dog by My Side: Exploring a New City, 10,000 Steps at a Time

Before relocating to Buffalo, NY from the very walkable Del Ray section of Alexandria, VA, my husband and I considered what kind of lifestyle we wanted in our new city and thus, what neighborhood might best suit us.
Buffalo, NY, it's pretty close to Canada!
We looked at several well-known walkable areas in Buffalo. Each area features unique architecture and an individual neighborhood culture: 
Parkside - Located adjacent to the Buffalo Zoo and the 350-acre Delaware Park (, Parkside showcases some of the best of Buffalo's housing design with a handful of Frank Lloyd Wright homes and broad parkways with lots of green space rolling down the middle of the divided road.

Hertel - One of the up-and-coming areas in Buffalo, this area features a lot of new growth in restaurants and independent shops and boutiques.
Elmwood Village - Located near the center of the city, Elmwood's unique artistic vibe is fueled by great local talent. From the professional musicians playing at Kleinhan's Music Hall to the Albright Knox Art Gallery's world-class collection and independent artist and musician studios dotting the area, there's no lack for cultural experiences here.
Ultimately, we settled on the Village for its proximity to a multitude of restaurants and shops, cultural attractions and cool Queen Anne style architecture. In the end, this central location has us only minutes from the neighborhoods previously mentioned, as well as only 5 to 10 minutes from downtown and the Canalside waterfront (
Despite its reputation for snowy winters (any Western New York ("WNY") native will tell you that most of that reported activity actually occurs south of the metro area), Buffalo and WNY also has a great reputation for great weather with lots of sunshine and mild temperatures throughout the rest of the year. This translates to good walking weather.
So, leash in hand, my husband and I have begun exploring our new 'hood, one step at a time. Fortunately, our lab mix has always loved to walk and is always game to go on an adventure. 
In the mornings, we typically head north down the broad street in front of our house. Walking in this neighborhood provides much to look at. Beautiful Victorian mansions feature well-planned gardens showcasing flowers in constant bloom, unique greenery, and whimsical sculpture. Tiny cottages get into the game with showy postage-stamp front yards and secret garden sanctuaries.
We turn the corner and head into the heart of the commercial district for the Village. Even here, carefully manicured border gardens line the parking lots. People stop to say hello and pat J's head before continuing on their way. 
With so much to see, it's easy to spend an hour simply walking around. We are certainly not speed-walking, but we are getting in a good leg stretch before breakfast. My pedometer measures an average of nearly 5,000 steps just for the morning jaunt, so with a minimum of 2 walks in a day, getting those 10,000 steps in is a pleasurable breeze.
Juno, exploring her new environs
We are looking forward to exploring more of our neighborhood and our new city with our canine companion and as we do, I'll share more of our discoveries.

Where do your PawsGo?  Share your neighborhood walk with us!  Send us a tweet or a message through Facebook!

MJ Courchesne is a freelance publishing consultant, writer, and part-time personal trainer with a passion for gardening, walking, wine, and travel. She lives in a restored 1890s Victorian home situated in the heart of Buffalo with her husband and lab mix, Juno. Her new blog can be found at

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Foster Fail

I had heard the term before.  I assured my husband it would NOT happen to us.  I had fostered once before, and although I cried (a lot) when I placed the dog – I absolutely understood my role as a foster.
I pointed out that a number of our friends and neighbors foster, with great success.  I also argued that fostering a dog was a great way to see how Boomer and the cats would react to another dog.
Finally, I made my most emotional plea – by stepping up and fostering, we would be saving a dog.  Rescues can only pull as many dogs as they can place either temporarily or permanently.
We got our first Aussie, Hobie, from Aussie rescue a number of years ago – so Aussie Rescue Placement and Helpline (ARPH) is my rescue of choice.  Over the years I have donated to and volunteered for ARPH.  Most recently, I have helped on the administrative side – checking personal and vet references of potential adopters, conducting home visits of potential adopters and helping to transport a couple of dogs.
Earlier this year I jumped in with both feet and volunteered to foster.  We were approved and on the list!  Our criteria was pretty simple – our foster dog needed to get along with the cats.  Our Aussie Boomer gets along with everyone – including the cats, and we didn’t want another dog, even a temporary one to upset our feline/canine balance.
Our ARPH rep emailed me one day to say that there was a pending cat-friendly owner give up in West Virginia and once he was vetted and evaluated by ARPH, we’d likely be asked to foster.  I confirmed, we were still available and ready for the challenge.  For reasons I no longer remember, it was taking a while to get the dog in the system.  While we waited, we were asked to help transport Kacey, keep her overnight, and then take her to her foster.
We met Kacey in a large corporate parking lot in Centerville, VA.  She had been pulled from a high-kill shelter in Roanoke, VA.  At 9.5 years old, she was an owner give up because “the landlord would not them keep her.”  An all-breed rescue worked with ARPH to get Kacey from the shelter and to us. 
Kacey arrived with a number of dogs making the trip to freedom and a forever home from southwest Virginia.  At least six other organizations received dogs that morning, including Lab Rescue and a group that works with tri-pods (dogs with 3 legs).  We were NOT the last trip to the day – I think we were the second of four stops.
The moment I laid eyes on Kacey I was overcome with sadness and a desire to protect her.  Trying very hard not to judge (but for the grace of God go I), it broke my heart that this poor dog was given up after nearly 10 years of being with a family, sent to a shelter, and now being driven across Virginia.  She was matted and a little stinky.  Her breathing was labored.  She was dazed and confused.  She looked at me with her sad eyes as if I was her lifeline.
Kacey on the world's most expensive dog bed
We brought her home – gave her two baths.  Brushed and cut out her mats.  Even the fur on her paws was matted and her nails were so long it made it difficult for her to walk.   Once in the house, she jumped up on the sofa (or as I call it, the world’s most expensive dog bed) and went to sleep – snoring away. 
One of Kacey's favorite positions
That night she slept at the foot of our bed.  The next day I took Kacey and Boomer for a walk.  She was great.  Very happy to be out and about.  Wonderful with other dogs – just happy to be with us. 
Later that day we took her to her new foster.  I said to my husband as we were leaving, “we should have just kept her.”  I was sad to hand her off.
A week later, I was on my way to New York for client meetings when Aussie rescue called me.  Kacey was not a good fit for her foster family – would we be willing to take her back since she did so well at our house.  I was thrilled that she’d be back.  A quick call to my husband and coordinating some transportation – we had Kacey back in two days.  It was clear she was happy to see us.
Boomer and Kacey at the Hardware store
Over the next six weeks we learned that Kacey has a bit of arthritis, she is hard of hearing and has some vision issues.   She’s also a counter surfer (and an ingenious one at that, utilizing a table cloth, bag handle or chair to her advantage). She loves the cats (and their litter box).  She follows Boomer anywhere and enjoys his many outings (including doggie daycare and the dog park.  She doesn’t really play, but she observes and gets lots of attention.  She also has a number of fans at both).   Boomer in return has developed into her younger big brother – he’ll run and play, but circle back to check on her. 
Kacey about to shop at Crate and Barrel
Overall, Kacey is a very low-key, low-maintenance Aussie.  Getting her out and moving, along with regular doses of Dasuquin, have helped her stiffness to the point where she’ll actually trot a bit – but she’s a happy and willing walker!  I think Boomer also keeps her motivated.  She's also a very loving, sweet and content little dog.  We've had a number of house guests and parties since she came to stay with us and she's enjoyed both!
Last week we officially adopted Kacey. 
Our ARPH rep said she wasn’t surprised.  The gang at the dog park knew it was going to happen.   My guess is that Kacey also knew it would happen, it was simply a matter of time.  We absolutely adore her and cannot imagine our home without her.
Kacey enjoys the Aussie Meetup at the Zoom Room
Boomer and Kacey after a day of wine tasting in Virgina
I will continue to support ARPH and the dogs they save and serve.  Hopefully Kacey’s story will encourage others to volunteer, foster and adopt.  I tear up to think of her fate had the collective ARPH community not engaged.  PawsGo ( promotes a number of rescue groups through Facebook and Twitter.  We are always happy to share and support more.  Social media is a powerful tool in supporting organizations and saving wonderful animals, so share a photo, a link or a tweet!  Also, share your story.  We'd love to include it in our blog!
If you'd like to support ARPH and the work they do, you can purchase one of these t-shirts.  The original design is from PawsGo.  They are 100% cotton and printed in the U.S.  50% of your purchase goes directly to ARPH.  Sizes s,m,lg, and xl -- for 2lx and 3xl, please send us a message, they are not on the website. (

Boomer, Kacey and Delta Burke



Tuesday, July 1, 2014

My Dog Digs Del Ray

My husband and I, along with our two dogs and two cats live in a magical place called Del Ray – at least the dogs think it’s magical.  My husband and I think it’s a wonderful place to live and the cats are very happy with the urban wildlife they watch from their various indoor perches.

Del Ray is a front porch neighborhood in Alexandria, Virginia – a couple miles from historic Old Town, a couple of miles from the Pentagon and about 6 miles from the U.S. Capitol.  Our inside the beltway oasis, “Where Main Street Still Exists”, features tree lined streets, pocket parks and is home to some of the area’s best restaurants, shops, and dog friendly stops. 

 Our neighborhood was once home to a race track (our 1920 Bungalow is built on one of the turns). Gambling, drinking and the various nefarious activities that come with gambling and drinking were once the order of the day for Del Ray.  The majority of Del Ray's inhabitants worked at the Potomac Yard rail yard -- the rail yard's carpenter built and lived in the house across from ours.  His granddaughter owned it and ultimately sold it in the mid-1990s.
A century later -- the President  frequently stops by for pizza, a burger, or frozen custard.  And our little neighborhood is often featured on HGTV’s House Hunters.

With every season there is a celebration in Del Ray.  In the spring we have the House Tour, the summer brings A Taste of Del Ray and First Thursdays.  The first First Thursday of the summer season honors our canines -- Dog Days of Del Ray.  Local businesses lure dogs and owners with agility courses, first aid for dogs, treats, toys and demonstrations. Area rescue groups line the streets with adoptable dogs and cats -- for the rare family that has neither, or more than likely, needs another!
In the fall, it’s Art on the Avenue, a Halloween parade and the annual Turkey Trot 5 mile run.  Winter and the holidays bring a tree lighting and our main street lined with luminaries.  Our farmer’s market operates year round and serves as the Saturday morning gathering place.  
Lest you think these celebrations are small neighborhood gatherings, the First Thursday festivals are typically enjoyed by over 1,000 people, the Turkey Trot boasts 5,000 runners, the Halloween parade has upwards of 8,000 attendees, and I am told that Art on the Avenue draws as many as 30,000 people to our neighborhood.  They are also dog friendly, because everyone in Del Ray has a dog!
Art on the Avenue

Walk down Mt Vernon Avenue, or The Avenue, as well call it and your dog will pull you into the bank,  dry cleaner, hardware store, garden shop, pharmacy, boutique, bike shop, car dealer, coffee shop, or duh – the natural pet food or dog accessory store, because they all have TREATS!

The Greener Cleaner

Our Neighborhood Hardware Store and the Purple Goose, a children's clothing store

Boomer at United Bank, politely making a withdrawal
We typically begin our mornings at St Elmo’s Coffee Pub, where  dogs await their reward for, well, waiting while humans get their lattes.   Owners pay it forward by ensuring the free treat jar is always filled for not only the next day, but the next dog and owner that stop in.
St Elmo's

Del Ray is also home to the area’s first dog park.  A group of frequent users are working with the City of Alexandria  to raise money and make improvements to the park.  From lemonade and coffee sales to t-shirts and a mobile boutique called The Thread Truck ( – Del Ray dog lovers and business owners are working together to ensure the dog park is safe, healthy and fun!

T-Shirts to support the dog park are being sold at  Nature's Nibbles

If you’re hungry for Ethiopian, Thai, French, Mexican, pizza, sushi, barbeque, Italian, burgers, subs , a salad or just a glass of wine and some cheese --  you can find it in Del Ray.  And for the most part – your dog can join you on the patio.  
Del Ray Pizzeria
The Del Ray Café, a delicious French restaurant which unfortunately doesn’t have a patio to accommodate dogs, has more than made up for its architectural snafu by creating addictive dog treats.  Created by a classically trained French chef, the Del Ray Café’s dog treats are baked in house and contain chicken liver and bacon (I am told they are delicious).  The friendly staff will see a dog walking outside (sometimes before the restaurant opens) and happily bring them a treat, just another example of the magic of Del Ray.

Del Ray Cafe
To learn more about Del Ray, restaurants, events,  and all our neighborhood has to offer go to  Bring your dog and spend the day!
Dog Friendly Del Ray
Dogs are welcome and/or treats are provided
Del Ray Cafe
Nature's Nibbles

The Caboose Café
Taqueria Poblano
Los Tios
Pork Barrel Barbeque
Holy Cow
St Elmo's Coffee Pub
Del Ray Pizzeria
The Greener Cleaner
The Neighborhood Pharmacy

Meat on the Avenue
United Bank
Thai Peppers
The Front Porch
Evening Star
The Hardware Store

Bon Vivant Market and Cafe
The Dog Store
The Dog Store
The Del Ray Café
Kaizen Tavern

Velocity Bikes


Nature's Nibbles
Rosemarino d'Italian
Burke and Herbert Bank
Alexandria Hyundai
Greenstreet Gardens of Del Ray
Arlandria Floors
Greenstreet Gardens of Del Ray

Swet Ride

Stomping Ground


The Del Ray Famer's Market
(Saturday's 8 a.m. - 12:00 p.m., treats are sold but dogs must be kept outside the market.  Most people safely tie their dogs up around the market's perimeter.  Nearby vendors and neighbors are happy to keep an eye on dogs.)

These market bags are available at the Neighborhood Pharmacy and great for a day of dog friendly shopping.
Dog Friendly Events in Del Ray (check or Visit Del Ray on facebook, for dates and times)
First Thursdays (the first Thursday of every month, May - September 6-9 p.m.)
Art on the Avenue
The Halloween Parade
The Turkey Trot (separate start and registration for runners with dogs)
The Holiday Tree Lighting

Boomer, Kacey and Delta Burke